Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who is your Hetalia Boyfriend


Who is YOUR Hetalia boyfriend? (Lesser Characters Version)
Rebecca's result is Gilbert Weillschmidt (Prussia)
AWESOME!!! You got Gilbert Weillschmidt, the personification of Prussia! He's kinda not a country anymore... but that doesn't stop him from being AWESOME! He's very self confident, to a point of self-obsession. There's always room for love though, and you'd be very welcome in his lonely life.

My thoughts: Awesome~ XD Makes me kinda mad they have to say lesser, but it is necessary... since, you know, main has to be Axis-Allies... *sigh* But anyways, I'm happy. I took this over a month ago, btw.

Alanna's thoughts: Cuuuuuute! :D

Alma's note: Hmph. ^///^

Alanna's response: They spelled his last name wrong. D: Beilschmidt is a legitimate name that's used in Germany, but Weillschmidt has no basis in fact. Grr.

Alma's response to the response: He's still Gilbert, he's still Prussia, so I'm happy.

Alanna: Gilbert Axe-Smith. I like it.

Alma: Do you mean that way or the other way? :P Anyways... either way, he's awesome!

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